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Cartridge filters for water, oil & gas applications


We offer state of the art filtration solutions from cartridge filter housing and element to monitor SDI or turbidity.


Filter housing with high speed filtration along different materials of constructions are available upon request.


  • Wide range of length from 10 to 70 inches.

  • Various Micron rating form 1 to 80 micron.

  • Different diameters

  • Various end adapters

  • Wide range of media form extractable polypropylene, polyester, Beached cotton & natural cotton.

  • No chemicals to leach-out.

  • No media migration.

  • High bulk media improved void to solid ratio gives higher flow rates with low pressure drop.

  • True graded depth filtration.

  • High structure stability.

  • Structure captures more partials compare to conventional filter.

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