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Chemicals Dosing Systems (Skid mounted).


Storage systems, handling and mixing. 

Liquid and powder Polymer chemical dosing systems

       B-  Chemical Dosing Systems (CDS)

       C-  Electrical Control Systems (ECS)

       D-  System Integration (SI)


  • Available for use with a variety of chemicals & applications.

  • Designed to meet health and safety.

  • Easily & safely accessible for maintenance activities.

  • Wide range of dosing capacities.

  • 100% chemical spillage bund.

  • Thermoplastic storage tank.

  • Storage tank built to the highest standard specification.

  • Control panel complete with programmable logic control (PIC).

  • Fully automatic operations.

  • Alarm conditions will be raised locally on the LOI mounted in the control panel.

  • Reduce site installation & overall project time scales.

Gamma WATER Ltd. experts can support clients to design suitable dosing systems for their applications. This includes chemical storage, handling and dosing systems ;in addition to monitoring and control systems. Our long experiences in designing  commodity and specificity chemical dosing systems has always provided edge to the clients with more flexible operation, reduced site inventory and save in footprint and in total investment. 

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