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  • Chemicals for cooling towers 

- Scale inhibitors.  

- Corrosion inhibitors.  

- Oxidizing biocides. 

- No-oxidizing biocides. 

Wide range of specialty chemicals enable us to deal with the most challenging water characteristic. Gamma WATER Ltd. provides technical support and training at site to enable customers to maintain their stable operation and minimize cost.  


Full chemical program is provided to end users to minimize the risk of corrosion, scale formation and to stop or minimize biological growth activities in the cooling system.  


Side filtration system or mechanical equipment can be supply when needed to enhance the chemical treatment programs. 

  • Chemicals for boilers 


Scale inhibitors/ dispersents. 

Corrosion inhibitors.  

Steam treatment chemicals. 

pH adjustment.

Wide range of chemicals available to treat different type of boilers and different kind of feed water characteristic. Our OEM knowledge is supported by our chemicals expertise provide clients with the best value for money. 

Gamma WATER Ltd. technical team will be glad to receive your enquiries for consultation to solve or propose a suitable chemical program.



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