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  • Offer range of chemicals based on unique technology which have been developed to help clients and end users to tackle different scaling and corrosion problems.


  • Help clients by developing new formulations for better cleaning efficiency and more economical solutions.


  • Replacement for aminopolycarboxylic acid with more environmentally friendly products.


  • Phosphorous free formula and biodegradable products.


  • Anti- redeposition properties which s not harmful for environment.


  • Contribute to the removal of stains and reduce re-deposition of dirt on cleaned textiles.

  • Prevent colors from fading.


  • Prevent scale in washing machines and dishwashers, and help in preventing scale deposition on clothes being washed.

  • Stabilize peroxide bleaches.


  • Protect the fragrances and natural (bio-derived) ingredients in detergents from oxidation

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