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  • RO Antiscalant 

Gamma Water Ltd 'antiscalants solve fouling and scale tendencies from different water source in the harshest environment. Antiscalants are suitable for treating well, surface, municipal & recycled waters.


  • RO Cleaners and biocides

We support end-users and customers by providing solutions and formulated cleaners to restore membranes performance by tackling all common membrane foulants. Different effective biocides are available to control the microorganism. It can be applied through continuous dosing, intermittent or periodically via CIP system.


  • Coagulation & flocculation chemicals

Different blended types of coagulants along with organic polymer are used in pre- treatment application to protect membranes from fouling and high turbidity feed water. All of our coagulants are compatible with our antisclants to ensure smooth operation for RO system.


  • Technical support

Our experts provide onsite and offsite support such as autopsy services, CIP supervision, chemicals dosing setup assistance, troubleshooting and data normalization; In addition to our capability in providing design guidance & commission support.

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