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  • Special polymer which keeps the Calcium and Magnesium scaling salts in water soluble; hence no deposition on evaporator or tubes.

  • OPEX saving: less downtime, less chemical cleaning cost, more availability,less scaling lead to better uniform heat transfer coefficient which will help to reduce the steam consumption.

  • Chemical cleaning saving:

  1. Extension of cleaning period: 

  2. Saving in Cleaning: 

  3. Mechanical Cleaning Period Reduced.

  • Constant and uniform syrup BX : By use of this antiscalant the heat transfer coefficient is improved and which will help to keep the constant and uniform syrup Brix up to next cleanings.

  • Pure Sugar: no effects on sugar color, viscosity or any other process problems.

  • Crushing rate is increased: by better heat transfer, crushing rate is increase with increased inhibition resulting in increased extraction.

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