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Oilfield chemicals

Gamma WATER Ltd. provides solutions and chemicals for up stream O&G applications. Our chemicals can be used in different technologies such as water flooding, SAGD, fracturing, EOR/ IOR and production systems. 


Biocides, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, flow assurance chemicals and demulsifiers are selected to optimize oil production and to reduce CAPEX and OPEX cost.


Low environment impact chemicals are used to protect the environment and marine life.  

Gamma WATER Ltd. experts can help clients to run compatibility tests, scale tests, stability and other tests to select the best treatment program. 

We offer a variety of antimicrobial end-use formulations through sub-licensing. These formulations utilize Gamma WATER Ltd. 's biocidal active ingredients.

Chloride salt control 


Our product is to stop chloride salt corrosion and fouling in refinery process streams in order to extend run lengths between exchanger cleanings, more heat coefficient gain, operating flexibility and less OPEX.

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