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Sludge Treatment (De-watering sludge technology) 

  • Belt Press and Filter Press


- The filtrate can be recovered efficiently and economically.                   

- Robust heavy pieces of equipment.

- Easier access for maintenance.

- The filter press cycle time could be optimized.

- Monitors the quality of flocculation by using an optical system.

- Logs details of all process variables at one minute intervals which can

  be downloaded to a PC for proper examinations.

- The filtrate is clear and solid is dry.


  • Centrifugal ( Decanters) 


  • Dryers for Sludge Application:

- Excellent control of the retention time & temperature relationship.

- Full drying (90% dry solids) based on a once – through drying process.

- No back mixing.

- Highly efficient heat transfer due to the specially shaped paddles.

- All evaporated water is fed to wet scrubber without adding sweep gas.

- Enables a uniform product quality.

- The dried product can be used for several applications: agriculture or as

  an alternative fuel for combustion processes.

- The product moves out of the machine via an adjustable overflow.

- A fully enclosed operation enables the safe treatment of toxic, noxious

  and/or flammable products.

  • Associated systems ( polymer dosing, control system and sludge pumps).  

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